Press Release

This is the story of a young lady named Trew who gets dumped by her boyfriend, has a mean boss and a goofy drunken mother. Trew gets a visit from someone that only she sees and hears, he asks her to write down everything he says. Its simple, He spoke, she freaked, the unbelievable happened.

Several Hollywood veteran actors come together to tell this story led by Kevin Sizemore who has portrayed many memorable characters from Emmy nominated Fear the Walking Dead, Flight 462, Resurrection, NCIS, 24, Rizzoli & Isles, Drop Dead Diva and on the big screen Universal Pictures 2016 release of Woodlawn along side Jon Voight and Sean Astin. Tracey B. Wilson is in the lead female slot; Wilson has worked in New York, Los Angeles and many places in between, acting in everything from dramatic theatre and soap operas, to quirky independent films and sketch comedy. She has been an actor/writer/director for award winning short films, and toured with Lady Gaga.

When offered the role, Sizemore stated, “There’s no way I’m turning down a role written this well.” Wilson say’s “It was both challenging and exciting to play a character with such a huge emotional range.”

“I am grateful to have joined a group of amazing people to tell a good story; it’s my hope that folks will be entertained and encouraged to seek their own Trew Calling”. – Greg Robbins-Director

Also joining the cast is Brooke Elliott star of Drop Dead Diva and currently starring in the TV comedy Furst Born, Eddie Mekka a Tony nominated actor best known as The Big Ragu on Lavern & Shirley and Hollywood film and TV legend Ms. Lee Meriwether.

Kimber Eastwood, the oldest child of film legend Clint Eastwood, produces Trew Calling. “I partnered with Greg Robbins to produce film that carry a positive effect on society.”