The story of TREW, a quirky young lady with hidden worries and fears, is brought to life when three friends move into her old apartment and find the journal she has left behind. This journal is an account of Trew’s experience with a MYSTERIOUS MAN who shows up in her living room after she has been dumped by her boyfriend. She is the only one who can see, hear and talk to this mysterious man, who calls himself “I AM.”

Trew is a studio assistant to JENNIFER, a bossy radio psychologist. Trew can never get herself to work on time. Trew thinks she’s going mad after I AM begins to interrupt her work and daily affairs, and everyone around her notices she is acting weird. Trew books an appointment with a psychiatrist, but it fails when I AM interrupts the session. After discussing these encounters with her colleague, Trew reluctantly accepts she’s being talked to by a higher power.

I AM tries to have Trew help a regular caller on the ‘Jenny ‘Round the Clock’ radio show, but she can’t seem to get past her own doubts and insecurities. By time-traveling back to Ukraine in 1942, I AM shows Trew a scene that causes her to question God. He then helps Trew overcome her fears, and reconcile with her past.
Trew begins to understand how I AM is trying to help her, and starts to enjoy having him around.

I AM encourages Trew to continue to explore her faith. She decides to visit a colleague’s church, which happens to be in a bar. She opens up to the possibility of love and goes hiking with ROBERT, a widower and his young son, who is a fan of ‘Jenny ‘Round the Clock.’ When I AM shows Trew her neighbors mail, she learns they are being evicted. She uses a contest at her radio station to help them win money. She is starting to feel the joy in helping others, and is beginning to live a happier life.

One day, Jennifer wakes up late, and Trew is told by their boss that she will have to go on air if Jenny doesn’t make it to the studio. Trew freaks out. I AM fills Jennifer’s commute with too many obstacles for her to make it on time. Trew goes live on the air and receives a call from STEVE, a regular caller to the show who has never gotten help, and happens to be the postman who has been delivering her letters. Steve lost his son and blames himself for it.

I AM encourages Trew to talk to Steve on the radio. In order to help Steve, she speaks from the heart about what she has recently learned about herself. Everyone listening to the show becomes inspired when Trew declares it Steve’s moment, and they all take turns shouting, “I AM STEVE AND I AM AWESOME.” But unfortunately, Steve is calling from inside his smoke-filled garage while he tries to take his own life.

Trew’s outlook changes with her experience helping Steve. She decides to embrace love, and moves in with Robert and his son.